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Fone Junkie :: GPS, RADAR, Alarm Devices :: Smartnav Satellite Navigation System - without Touchscreen
Smartnav Satellite Navigation System - without Touchscreen
Smartnav Satellite Navigation System - without Touchscreen 

Smartnav Satellite Navigation System

Exclusive Offer - Our  price of £429.99  includes nationwide installation and Vat.

Your Smartnav demo

If you travel by car, you need Smartnav. More than just a satellite navigation system, it provides drivers with a range of support services to make every journey as quick, easy and safe as possible. At the touch of a button, you are connected to a Smartnav Personal Assistant, who will enter details of your destination into a central computer. In just a few seconds, the route is sent to your car.
Smartnav combines live, forecast, incident and historical traffic information to give you the best possible route from A to B. (See diagram 1 below) The powerful computer that calculates your route is housed outside your car, which means that the mapping information is always up to date.
The route is calculated by a powerful server computer, developed by Motorola and Trafficmaster, which is situated at Trafficmaster's Control Centre.

Route calculation incorporates real-time traffic data from over 7500 sensors. located on more than 8000 miles of the road network. It also analyses forecast and historical data, collated from 14 years of Trafficmaster's expert congestion monitoring, along with Police data collected by the RAC, so that known traffic hotspots, specific incidents and roadworks are all considered before a route is calculated.

All four types of traffic information are fed into the computer, making Smartnav the most sophisticated and intelligent routing service available. What's more, Smartnav will automatically react to any unforeseen changes in traffic conditions while you're on the move and where possible offer you an alternative route.
When you are on the road, Smartnav protects you from new traffic incidents throughout your journey. The powerful computer continuiously monitors traffic conditions on your route and, if a problem occurs, your in-car Smartnav unit will automatically alert you to it and offer an alternative route, if a quicker one is available. By simply pressing the Smartnav button, a new, more efficient route to your destination is sent to your vehicle within seconds.

The result is a navigation system that constantly works to get you to your destination as quickly, smoothly and safely as possible.
Smartnav: Safe Speed Option
Safety Cameras in the UK are being increasingly used across the country's roads. These are often located at known accident black spots to reduce speed and prevent accidents. This means virtually every time you make a major journey, you are likely to pass a safety camera. The Smartnav Safe Speed Option has been designed to protect your licence and encourage safer driving. Whether driving to an unfamiliar destination or making a frequent journey, it's easy to become preoccupied by other events and to lose concentration momentarily, this could result in you breaking the law and receiving a fixed penalty speeding fine or even worse, an accident.
The Smartnav Safe Speed Option alerts you when you approach zones monitored by fixed safety cameras, variable safety cameras and multi-camera detectors (also known as Specs).

Two levels of audible warning are provided - one as you approach the monitored zone (3 beeps) and a second (5 beeps) immediately before the monitored zone, giving you sufficient time to correct your speed and alert you to concentrate on the road ahead. If you continue to drive above the speed limit through the monitored zone, you will hear continuous beeps until your speed has fallen to below the specified speed limit.
Like Smartnav navigation, the database of safety camera zones is continuously updated by our data research team and the data within your Smartnav unit will be automatically upgraded once a month, when you next use your Smartnav unit for navigation.

The Safe Speed Option is operational every time you make a journey, with or without navigation active and warnings can be disabled or reactivated by speaking directly to the Smartnav PAs.

The Smartnav Safe Speed Option is instantly available to all new Smartnav customers at a very competitive subscription.
Smartnav Screen  [Optional]

Smartnav Touch Screen is the perfect visual aid for your Smartnav. The stylish LCD is discreet in design and has been specifically created for those drivers who would like the
comfort of visual instructions to accompany the spoken instructions provided by our standard Smartnav unit.
The Smartnav Touch Screen can be used to enter your destination by full postcode, to route to one of your 10 favourite stored destinations, or to contact the Smartnav Control Centre and make your request via the PA as per the standard Smartnav product.
When guidance is active, the distance to your next manoeuvre, distance to your destination and estimated time of arrival will be displayed on the screen. As you approach road junctions and roundabouts the screen will clearly display the manoeuvre that needs to be made in conjunction with spoken instructions.
With Smartnav Touch Screen, access to the different Smartnav services and options are at your fingertips! If you subscribe to the Safe Speed option then details of speed cameras are also displayed on the screen in addition to the usual audiable alerts.
A series of simple menus allow you to:
  • Customise the service.
  • Access safety and security options
Annual Subscription charges

Special Promotional offer
Navigation Promotion
Additonal Option Prices During the Promotional Period
Add 1 service
(either Safe Speed or Trackstar)
Add 2 services
(both Safe Speed and Trackstar)
Basic subscription
£9.09 a month†
Cost per route
Cost per re-route
SOS calls (emergency and breakdown)
Concierge fee
Booking fee***
Payment methods
Direct Debit/Debit or Credit Card

·                            * Includes a maximum of 150 PA requested routes per annum with unlimited Touchscreen postcode or Touchscreen favourite requests.This promotion is only available to customers who are purchasing a brand new Smartnav unit directly from Trafficmaster or from a dealer participating in this promotion.
·                            ** In order to qualify for these prices, you must complete and pay for them by Direct Debit
·                            *** Only applicable when ordering flowers, champagne or making a hotel booking.
·                            † Minimum 12 month subscription. In the event of unreasonable use, we reserve the right to charge per route or transfer the customer to an alternative tariff.
·                            All prices shown are inclusive of VAT at 17.5%.

Full terms and conditions apply as published on

Price: £439.14
including VAT

Quantity Out of stock

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