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Fone Junkie :: GPS, RADAR, Alarm Devices :: Lidatek Laser ECHO LE-30 Laser Diffuser
Lidatek Laser ECHO LE-30 Laser Diffuser
Lidatek Laser ECHO LE-30 Laser Diffuser 

Lidatek are the world leading manufacturer of laser diffusers. The LE30 is their latest model and it is the only effective defence when a laser gun is fired at your car. It actually stops the laser from recording your speed for 5 seconds and gives you a visual and audio alert inside the car so you have time to check your speed and, if necessary, safely reduce your speed to the posted limit. This allows a driver to correct the car's speed before getting a ticket. The manufacturer's purpose is not to encourage speeding, but to allow people who are following the flow of traffic or who have drifted above the speed limit to adjust to the proper speed before being fined.The LE 30 detects the laser beam from the police speedtrap and then fires back a laser signal on the same frequency which prevents the laser gun's computer from computing the speed reading.


  • It uses the same type of Laser diode that is actually used in police laser guns. Other diffusers often just use a lower cost diodes that can still do the job but take more energy to do so and can suffer power fade over time.
  • A single transponder is enough to provide protection for most cars, making the installation much easier.
  • You can add up to two extra transponder units easily if you need to. Therefore you can mount one on the rear of your car to protect you from being targetted from behind, or an extra one on the front if you are driving a larger vehichle or just desire the highest level of protection.
  • On larger vehicles like a Range Rover or other 4x4's, it's best to use two transponders which you should mount 20-24 inches apart, equidistant from the centre of the car. You should also use two transponders if your car has a lot of chrome on the front
  • The vast majority of the time, police laser is shot at approaching vehicles. Front targeting gives the officer more time to pick out the vehicle. Targeting from the rear is done, but is quite rare on average across the country. We recommend focusing your efforts on the front of the vehicle, as you can always add units to the rear later. There is no sense in wasting money on a function you don’t need.

How does it work?

  • With the exception of powering up, nothing will be heard from the LE-30 system and only a green LED should be visible under normal driving conditions. When Laser pulses are detected, the LE-30 sounds an alarm from the speaker and the LED flashes red.
  • The Laser ECHO LE30 only echoes for 5 seconds and then shuts off and recycles for 30 seconds. This Auto Shut-off is designed to allow the Laser diode in the LE30 to cool down. The LED turns orage to let you know this is happening. After an alert, the LE30 goes back to standby mode, confirmed by two beeps from the speaker.
  • This auto shut-off feature actually works very well. You have 5 seconds, more than enough time, to adjust your speed during jamming. It then turns off allowing the police officer to get a speed reading after you have come down to the speed limit. It's better than most other systems, which often require you to turn off the jamming system with a switch. That could be distracting and you'll always forget to do it, arousing suspicion.  

Fitting ?

  • The LE 30 Kit comes with all the brackets, screws, cable ties and connectors you need to instal it in a car. Single units should be mounted near the centre of the vehicle, near the number plate, either above or below the bumper.
  • For proper operation, transponders must be mounted horizontally with a clear unobstructed view of the road ahead.
  • For a more disctreet installation, transponders can be recessed approximately one inch behind your grill fascia or under the front bumper.
  • You then link the transponder(s), a speaker and the LED to a central control unit and you tuck these components away behind trim panels.
  • You have to locate a power source in your car that is active ONLY when your ignition is turned on - these kits are not powered from the cigar socket.

Please note:  Please follow the installation instructions carefully and read all safety information and guidelines. ltd is not liable for any costs relating to installation, use or removal.

Lidatek Laser ECHO LE-30 Laser Diffuser  - It's the only effective product to use against laser guns. Nothing else stops the gun recording your speed. It is only for use against laser guns. It will not warn you at all of any other type of speed camera.

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